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ADHD and Autism increase driven by an interaction between populations

I developed this theory from my own personal experiences with Autism and ADHD. I have been diagnosed with both ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder in my mid twenties. I was unaware I had Autism but was sure I had ADHD, well Attention deficit disorder without the hyperactivity anyway. So I went through the doctor and ended up getting diagnosed with both. I believe my sister also has the same form of autism. I also believe my mother has ADHD. My mothers mother is from Southern Italy and my mothers father is English a Nordic European. I believe that it is this mixing of ethnicities by my grandparents that gave my mother ADHD which was then passed down to me and I believe my autism was passed down to me through this but like genetic conditions do it skipped a generation missing my mother and effecting me. Of course I accept this is just a personal view.

This website theorises that the conditions of ADHD and Autism are increasing with ethnic diversity. I provide information that ADHD and Autism are highest among mixed race people. I believe that aswell as ADHD and Autism increasing when races mix it is also increasing when sub races mix. i.e when a Nordic European mates with a Mediterranean European.

I believe the rate of dyslexia in Britain and America could be quadruple that of Europe.

I believe the rate of ADHD could be double that of Europe.

I believ the rate of Autism could be double possibly triple that of Europe.


This graph taken from MCHB cleary shows mixed race people have the highest recorded rates of ADHD.

It shows that mixed race people have the highest rates of ADHD. I believe that as well as races mixing creating an increase in ADHD it also increase when sub races mix. For example when a German mixes with an Italian or when a russian mixes with an Irish person. I believe Britain and America have higher rates of ADHD than in Europe because they are made up of many different ethnicities compared to say a german who is normally just ethnically German or an Irishman who is normally just ethnically Irish. I must point out that the vast vast majority of cases of ADHD are long term hereditary and have little to do with my theory. The cases of ADHD I am talking about are new cases that come from nowhere, where both parents dont have any signs of ADHD. I am not saying it accounts for all new case of ADHD but it does account for some. I call ADHD where it is not earned through hereditary (Non-hereditary ADHD).

Black people have a simlar rate to whites as shown here but I dont believe as many blacks as they say have ADHD. I believe blacks are being misdiagnosed with the condition. It is not just me that thinks that mant people do. Here are some links that claim that blacks are being mis-diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD & Poorer areas

There is new evidence that poor areas sucha s council estates are producing the most people with ADHD. I put this down to genetics to as I believe ADHD people are more likely to be poor because of the condition they have and therefore have ADHD children of cpourse.


This census study shows that in California in the year 2000 mixed race people accounted for 2.6% of the population, yet in 2002 accounted for 13.50% of all autism cases which is very high.

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see page 19 (Other are basically mixed race).

There is also this other information I have found that children of immigrants are more likely to have autistic children.

Information below taken from website linked above:

The thing is that a link between autism and immigration has been suspected since at least the 1970s, even though it apparently never became an area of research that interested many investigators. Let me just quote from some abstracts, in chronological order.

Harper & Williams (1976): "In a survey on the occurrence of infantile autism in New South Wales it was found that 21-9% of children had at least one foreign-born parent whose native language was not English."

Gillberg et al. (1987): "Urban children with autism more often than age-matched children in the general population had immigrant parents from 'exotic' countries."

Gillberg & Gillberg (1996): "Fifteen of these children (27%) were born to parents, at least one of whom had migrated to Sweden."

Bernard-Opitz et al. (2001): "Discussion focuses on possible risk factors and psychosocial adversities for autism such as a high frequency of caregivers who are foreign maids, the use of multiple languages and the high level of punitive educational practices."

Lauritsen et al. (2005): "An increased relative risk of 1.4 was found if the mother was born outside Europe, and in children of parents who were born in different countries."

Maimburg and Vaeth (2006): "The risk of infantile autism was increased for mothers aged >35 years, with foreign citizenship, and mothers who used medicine during pregnancy."

Kolevzon et al. (2007): "The parental characteristics associated with an increased risk of autism and autism spectrum disorders included advanced maternal age, advanced paternal age, and maternal place of birth outside Europe or North America."

There are reports along these lines from Canada as well. In fact, this was discussed in Interverbal's discussion of critiques of Fombonne et al. (2006).

Now, the first thing we need to ask ourselves about these findings is whether they document an actual phenomenon or an artifact. Is there a confound that explains the apparent association?

But if in fact there's an association, what explains it? We don't really know. You will find some unsubstantiated speculation based on old ideas in the cited abstracts, some speculation that I'm sure many readers will find objectionable. It's not surprising to find these types of explanations in old papers, though. If I may engage in some speculation of my own, based on newer ideas, I would say that maternal stress during gestation – see Kinney et al. (2008) – cannot be discounted.

Finally, I'd like to bring attention to Roberts et al. (2007), a study claiming to associate autism with proximity to agricultural pesticide applications in the California Central Valley. The authors stated that they could not dismiss the possibility that the women studied may be disproportionately employed in agriculture. It just so happens that immigrant women also tend to be disproportionately employed in agriculture.

Link from Canada shows link to autism and immigrants:


Could this be explained by any other means than ethnicity?

LANGUAGE - Some have said that it could be because of the language barrier in that parents coming from foreign locations would teach their children more than one language, which I see as a possible cause to this. There could be a link found here as children that are exposed to more than one language are obviously more likely to have parents coming from different locations and therefore be ethnically different.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS - Its possible that immigrants have a lower socio-economic status than the general population which could also be a factor in explaining this. like their access to education and poverty.

CULTURAL DIFFERENCES - Could the cultural differences between the immigrant family and the host country contribute to children of immigrants being seen as social different and therefore more likely to get an autism diagnoses.

MIGRATION - Could people with Autism be more prone to migrating therefore immigrants are more likely to have autistic children obviously as hereditary is a big factor.

VACCINES - Vaccines have been disproven as a cause of autism.

The Amish

The Amish are a genetically isolated group. Descended from Europeans.Some would descibe them as interbred. They apparently have a very low rate of autism and ADHD than the general population.

Try doing an internet search for Autism & Amish and see what you find out.

I must point out that Amish people lead very different lives from people in general society such as not watching television and many other differences which could be causing them to not have Autism and ADHD. However I still believe there is a racial reason to them having lower rates.


In America the rate of dyslexia in some parts has been found to be as high as 30% but it is generally accepted that it is 20%, however the rate of dyslexia in Germany is only 5%. In Britain the condition dyslexia is barely even recognised, many people put it down to bad schooling. They have a culture of not accepting the condition.

I put this culture down to the fact that the government are scared that the people will find out that so many people have the condition there and will start asking questions why. I think the government knows what is really going on but they surely dont want the people to find out as the whole theory goes against the modern multiracial belief system.

Hybridization between populations may cause either increased fitness ( “hybrid vigor” ) or decreased fitness ( “outbreeding depression” ). Translocation between populations may therefore in some cases be a successful means of combating genetic erosion and preserving evolutionary potential, whereas in other cases it may make the situation worse by inducing outbreeding depression. Because genetic distance alone is a poor predictor of the success or failure of hybridization,

Please remember sometimes genetic conditions skip generation or sometimes several generations.

Q. Could this be happening because immigrants are more likely to be ethnically mixed?

A. I expect it is because immigrant couples are more likely to come from different locations and therefore be ethnically different.

Q. Why havent experts investigated the immigration link more?

A. They do not want to find a link between race and Autism it goes against modern political ideals.

Q. Surely its because immigrants have more vaccines than the general population?

A. No it can not be . Vacines have been disproven as a cause of Autism.

Q. Surely genetics does not work that way. Its normally when groups interbreed that genetic conditions become more prevalent.

A. Yes when groups interbreed genetic conditions do become more prevalent but I still believe that dyslexia, ADHD and Autism are different than other genetic conditions. I believe that when races and sub races mix the genes that make the brain are literally becoming mixed up, creating a rise in the conditions.

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