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ADHD increase driven by an interaction between populations

This website theorises that the condition of ADHD is increasing with ethnic diversity. I provide information that ADHD is highest among mixed race people. I believe that aswell as ADHD increasing when races mix it is also increasing when sub races mix. i.e when a Nordic European mates with a Mediterranean European.


This graph taken from MCHB cleary shows mixed race people have the highest recorded rates of ADHD. This is a fact.

It shows that mixed race people have the highest rates of ADHD. I believe that as well as races mixing creating an increase in ADHD it also increase when sub races mix. For example when a German mixes with an Italian or when a russian mixes with an Irish person. I believe Britain and America have higher rates of ADHD than in Europe because they are made up of many different ethnicities compared to say a german who is normally just ethnically German or an Irishman who is normally just ethnically Irish. I must point out that the vast vast majority of cases of ADHD are hereditary and have little to do with my theory. The cases of ADHD I am talking about are new cases that come from nowhere, where both parents dont have any signs of ADHD. I am not saying it accounts for all new case of ADHD but it does account for some. I call ADHD where it is not earned through hereditary (Non-hereditary ADHD).

I do not believe what many experts say that people grow out of ADHD as they get older. I believe the core symtom of inattention says with you for life.